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Solar Heated Hot Water Systems Installation

Why install Solar Heated Panels?

Solar panels have only recently become cost effective for customers - the installation and material costs are now low enough for the client to benefit from them, and as our climate changes Summers are getting longer and Winters shorter.

People often make the mistake of thinking that on a cloudy day that solar panels will not work. This is untrue; solar power works up to 80% of the year. Even the other 20% of the time your water temperature is still raised significantly, so your boiler does not work as hard - thus reducing your energy bill.

The Benefits of Solar Heating

  • a substantial saving - 65% reduction of your hot water bill yearly
  • a noticeable contribution to helping towards a cleaner environment by helping to reduce carbon emissions
  • an attractive return on your investment
  • savings on fuel tax
  • extending your boiler life

Why use Elite?

Elite Heating Ltd have been installing Solar Hot Water Systems since 1998. We recognise the need to help reduce carbon emissions and offer lower energy bills to our customers.

We're registered Worcester Bosch & Valiant approved solar installers. All of our solar installation team are fully qualified heating engineers and solar engineers who have carried out BPEC recognised solar courses.

The pitfalls of not using Approved Solar Installers:

You may have read bad press about solar installation companies. Be wary of unqualified installers who are not registered! These companies are sweeping the country like double glazing salesmen, promising that you will get free hot water. This is not true; you should expect to reduce your fuel bill by 65% but this depends on many factors

We have been in the heating business since 1986. This gives us an edge on these solar companies. We are not a 'hard sales' company. We offer you a quality solar system that we know you can afford and that will deliver on your expectations of reducing carbon emissions and saving you money.

We offer a free site survey explaining the benefits of Solar Water Heating

We'll send a qualified Solar Surveyor to your property to inspect it. We'll check :

(a) that solar is beneficial to you (not just us!)
(b) that it can be installed
(c) that your local council would not oppose the installation.

Only then will you receive your survey and quotation with technical literature. Then you can make an informed decision in your own time.

What happens during your installation?

If you decide that you would like us to install your solar system we will book a convient date. The installation should not take more than 5 days.
  • Before we start, scaffolding will be erected by our independent approved scaffolders.
  • Our installation team will install panels to your roof; the panels are then 'weathered' by our roofers to make sure that your roof is still weather proof.
  • We drain down your existing hot water storage tank and install a new twin coil hot water tank, then reconnect to your existing water and heating supplies.
  • We run pipework between the solar panels to the hot water cylinder as per the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • We install your solar pump station in the agreed position, connecting all controls to the various components and wiring in accordance with industry regulations ('part P').
  • The system is then filled and tested and you are shown the correct use of the system to gain maximum benefit.
  • Scaffolding is only taken down on completion of the installation.
All of our solar installations are guaranteed for two years from the installation date - plus we will service your system in the first year for free. We then offer a yearly maintance policy including service and warranty for future years.

New build and Local Authorities

We are currently working on projects across the country and in the process of tendering on local authority work within the London boroughs.

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